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I am a Shia Muslim documenting Sufism and Hinduism as a Message of Peace Hope Humanity.

I am a Shia Muslim documenting Sufism and Hinduism as a Message of Peace Hope Humanity.
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My You Tube videos have made me notoriously infamous.. People are confused they don't know who I am.
Most of the people on the street think I am a Hindu Sadhu and I let them live with this perception I am happy if it makes them happy.
I think I am now more seen as a Sufi among the poor and my beggar fraternity.

For 9 months I wear saffron and 3 months of mourning during Moharam I don't wear any color but black.
But than again black is the color of the malangs and the Aghoris that I am documenting.

The bead necklace s given by the Aghori guru I am told are made of human bones all shaped as skulls.

The bawa in the picture is a Rafaaee he was complaining I have shot his pictures I have not given copies but after I explained to him why I don't give pictures he became uneasy and I can feel his predicament.

I told him the people Bawas Sadhus I gave pictures all died mysteriously I gave pictures to Sikandar Wali Baba he died tragically I gave pictures to Barsati Bawa he died he was my mentor Rafaaee.
I gave pictures to Handi Sai he died I gave pictures to Bhandari Baba he died I gave pictures to Noubat Ali Baba he died so many Bawas.
I gave pictures to my Naga Sadhu Guru he too died and so I told the Bawa in the picture do you still want me to give you pictures he asked me to change the topic and will never ask me for pictures.

So I parted from him and left Ismail Shah baba Dargah waking from Parel to Hindmata took a bus home.

Date: 2018-03-14 02:59:21

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