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Dedicated to Ittiqa Abbas for pushing me to post more.....
Date: 2008-08-30 13:20:16

Lahore old city portrait old man

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Kia bbat hai aap ki.
Nice framing
Fareed Gujjar - Next Mount Everest April 14 2008-08-30 13:36:03
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invited with SICI (2008-07-23)
fuego donna 2008-08-30 15:41:05
Nice portrait!

This picture reminded me our Legand singer 'Allan Faqir'.
Soultouch Photography 2008-08-30 16:46:46
Great portrait…

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stʲuːwɐt (non-rhotic) 2008-08-30 17:54:28
javier1949 2008-08-30 18:01:33
The colors are great.............!
.Rizvi 2008-08-30 18:07:47
He visto esta increíble foto en

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RosaMari - Akhesa15 2008-08-30 18:26:35
This is so colourful! It deserves this:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful explosion of colour!
tapatim 2008-08-30 18:37:14
JuanjoL 2008-08-30 18:44:18
GREAT SHOT ......!!!!

Lucio Sassi Photography travel 2008-08-30 19:16:45
stunning portrait of a stunning looking character
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Marc Fletcher Photography 2008-08-30 19:18:02
pleasant image. worthy portrait
weissfoto 2008-08-30 20:29:30
Stunning shot!
divergent building 2008-08-30 21:29:54
Awesome shot buddy. Thanks for the dedication. Now i have got to come to lahore. Lol. Keep posting.
Ittiqa Abbas 2008-08-30 23:42:16
Great portrait !!!
Aliraza Khatri 2008-08-31 00:54:30
graet shot
rampant squirrel 2008-08-31 02:21:03
nice shoot
m.kamran 2008-08-31 05:13:23
magda indigo 2008-08-31 08:12:52
Lmao!! Love how the beard blends in with his chest hair.. Great capture mate..
Ian.I 2008-08-31 16:55:16
nice shot!!!
Mohsin Jaffery is Back :) 2008-08-31 19:39:12
one of the best shot in your stream.
Raja Islam 2008-08-31 21:08:49
Cazador de imágenes 2008-09-01 12:52:10
oh wow... simply WOW!
imagiηeer 2008-09-01 17:18:00
that's a great portrait. what a beard!
rumana husain 2008-09-02 00:12:07
IMpressive beard and capture. he seems to be revlling in the attention.
Sadi_M 2008-09-02 19:37:51
Chaa gai aap !!! look at his pagad, rings ...expression....too perfect.
nida shams 2008-09-04 21:18:18
mujhay dar hai kahin beard main aag na lug jai : P
nida shams 2008-09-04 21:19:51
Nice rich colours

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daveblyth1 2008-09-10 18:59:28
Kamal shot
Fariasim.. 2008-09-12 12:36:43
awesome :)
aashee 2008-09-15 22:25:18
very intresting chreactor nice katch
ZaIGHaM-IslaM 2008-10-06 00:30:51
Incredible Portrait! An instant fav!
ALPHAIMAGES 2008-10-29 10:01:19
wow this is great :)
Tanzeel Rehman 2008-11-11 01:15:56
Fantastic portrait!

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aeshaul 2009-03-06 12:52:24
strong portrait...what/who is this grand old man ...saibaba's follower?
Azani_Manaf 2009-03-06 19:45:34
Excellent portrait.
OSidPhoto 2009-10-31 19:19:45
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cultural Heritage of Pakistan, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
KashiftheGipsy 2010-03-29 14:18:19

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