Batu City Has Known As The 'Agropolitan' Region In East Java

Batu is a city in East Java province, Indonesia. The city is located 15 km west of Malang, was on Malang - Kediri and Malang - Jombang track. Batu is directly bordering Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regency in the north and Malang regency in east, south and west.
Batu once dubbed as Little Switzerland on Java island and the cool mountain tourist area. In Songgoriti tourism there are Songgoroto Temple and Ganesha statues relics of Singosari kingdom and resting place built since the Dutch era.
There is also the newest attractions in Batu, such as; air travel paragliding. Every Sunday, in Batu square was held Sunday Travel Market which sells Batu typical food and various kinds of handicrafts. Jatim Park is one of the most popular tourism object in East Java, and the newest tourism object in Batu is the Museum of Wildlife.